No-nonsense investments

for tech companies

in food and energy

We partner with high-tech companies that drive sustainable transitions in food and energy by providing funds, knowledge and network.

As a family-funded VC, Navus invests both in typical VC setup as well as for longer holding periods. From this setup, we support the long-term development of sustainable businesses.

As an active shareholder we support our portfolio companies by creating value, sharing knowledge, network and experience. We draw on the Lely family’s longstanding history in high-tech product development and successful market entry of innovations.

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Hands on.

Our approach is hands-on and pragmatic. As an independent fund we can respond well to changing situations and act quickly. We support our portfolio as active shareholders with short communication lines to support management on strategic and operational matters. With diverse backgrounds anchored in business, science, technology, strategy, finance and management we can provide a multidisciplinary view.

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Algae production systems
Large scale battery energy storage
Autonomous harvesting
What we look for:
Unique food and energy technology
Companies that develop a unique technological innovation with (potential) intellectual property in the sustainable food and/or energy sector.
B2B hardware/software
Businesses with a clear IP element, that provide hardware/software solutions to other businesses.
Seed to growth stage
European companies in the stages from seed to market entry to growth.
What we offer:

We can assist you with small and big questions, urgent and non-urgent matters, simple and complex situations. Building solid relationships and providing a fitting partnership for autonomous and independent entrepreneurs is at the core of our business.

As a part of the Van der Lely family office we have close ties to Lely, a market leader in agricultural (dairy) robotics and innovator at its core. Lely has gained extensive experience in hardware / software engineering, product development and manufacturing, setting up (international) supply chains and much more across a range of industries and applications. We leverage this knowledge for our portfolio companies.

We have close relationships with industry partners, knowledge and research institutes and private and public investors, which we put to good use. An introduction to the right partner at the right time can make the difference.

Being part of a family office we look at venture capital with a long-term view and are committed to keep supporting our portfolio companies in alignment with the entrepreneurs and co-investors.

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