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As a family funded venture capital office we invest early stage and build long-term relationships.
We can help you with topics ranging from idea and market validation to product development, funding, and introductions within our network.

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Eduard Meijer
Managing Director
Remco Schoonderwoerd
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Jaap Zijlstra
Senior Investment Manager
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Lynn Hoendervanger
Investment Manager
Olivier van Holthe tot Echten
Investment Associate
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We value open and honest communication. Our communication lines are always short and you’ll receive feedback and assistance in a direct and constructive way.
Be it with long term strategic plans or daily operations issues, we assist our portfolio companies with our personal expertise. In addition, we leverage the knowledge within Lely.
We understand the dynamics of a startup, building up and keeping momentum is key. Our decision making processes are simple and quick, and we focus on what is best for the company.
What we do:

We can assist you with small and big questions, urgent and non-urgent matters, simple and complex situations. Building solid relationships and providing a fitting partnership for autonomous and independent entrepreneurs is at the core of our business.

As a part of the Van der Lely family office we have close ties to Lely, a market leader in agricultural (dairy) robotics and innovator at its core. Lely has gained extensive experience in hardware and software engineering, product development and manufacturing, setting up (international) supply chains and much more across a range of industries and applications, which we leverage for our portfolio companies.

We have close relationships with industry partners, knowledge and research institutes and private and public investors, which we put to good use. An introduction to the right partner at the right time can make the difference.

Being part of a family office we look at venture capital with a long-term view and are committed to keep supporting our portfolio companies in alignment with the entrepreneurs and co-investors.

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We can help in different
stages of development

Startups that are validating and prototyping their ideas. 

Market Entry

Businesses that have shown that their technology works and are ready to deploy on a commercial level.


Companies that are ready to scale and bring their operations to the next phase.

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Lely family office

With over 75 years of experience in growing and scaling technologies we can help you with funding, product development, customer knowledge, in short: how to make it work. We offer a realistic view on the project.