Our approach is hands-on and pragmatic.

Navus Ventures, founded in 2013, is an investment fund that has a strong link with Lely (Farming Innovators). Navus Ventures aims to help companies in their growth towards successful leading market players in their sector. Because of the close ties with Lely, Navus can draw from a large pool of knowledge and experience ranging from product development up to successful commercial market introductions.

The focus of Navus Ventures is not sector-specific, our investments are spread across different industries. The companies in which we invest need to distinguish themselves in the market (no followers). In order to remain competitive over time, we see "High Tech" and / or Sustainable as an important characteristic. Navus Ventures provides seed en venture capital investments

Navus Ventures is an open end fund. In due time, we want to transfer our interests in the companies, but for this we are not bound to a strict timeline. Our goal is to create the optimal value growth for the companies in which we participate.

Our approach is hands-on and pragmatic, as an independent fund we can respond well to changing situations and act quickly. In supporting the companies in which we participate we operate as an active shareholders with short communication lines to the management.