For sharing an investment opportunity or other communication, we kindly request to use below email address.

In the ‘for who’ section you can find more information about our approach and investment criteria.

An investment opportunity (ideally in the form of a business plan / pitch deck) contains, where possible numerically substantiated:

  • Problem to be solved, potential and targeted market
  • Solution and added value for the customer
  • Unique technology and IP position
  • The team making this possible and relevant partners
  • Distinctive characteristics (competition)
  • Business model and go to market approach
  • Current state of development and traction, technology and sales planning
  • Financial (monthly cash) planning and required funding
  • Current and envisaged financing and governance

With a clear case detailed along these lines, we can provide you with quicker and more targeted feedback, thank you in advance. Cornelis van der Lelylaan 2 · 3147 PB Maassluis · The Netherlands