Navus invests in unique high tech that supports the transition to..
  • Cultivated / automated and sustainable food production
  • Sustainable (instead of fossil) industries and energy production-, transport- and storage systems

Navus invests in companies in different life cycle stages..
Technology development and IP
Building a team
Subsidies and funding
Build & Launch
First sales traction
Product development, licenses, distribution
Professionalising / scaling sales
Supply chain and service model

We acquire a relevant minority share as sole-, lead- or following investor, with typical tickets of EUR 0.25 - 2.50m (or more for later stage growth), often in tranches and with ample room for follow on investments.

Our target companies generally..
  • Develop a unique technological innovation with (potential) intellectual property
  • Combine hardware with data / software aspects
  • Combine a potentially high financial return with societal impact
  • Are based in the Netherlands or (surrounding) countries in Europe