ROM InWest becomes new shareholder in Lgem, Navus Ventures increases investment

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Lgem announces share issue: ROM InWest becomes new shareholder, Navus Ventures increases investment. The investments ignite a new phase of growth and innovation in microalgae photobioreactor technology.

Lgem, a leader in microalgae photobioreactor platform technology, today announced a share issue. This will introduce ROM InWest as a new minority shareholder, while existing investor Navus Ventures, part of the van der Lely family office, will increase its stake in the company. Co-founder Ruud Olij will also expand his interest.

The share issue is aimed at accelerating Lgem's growth and will ensure faster globalisation and drive R&D, product development and supply chain investments.

Lgem's market leadership

Since its inception in 2006, Lgem has been at the forefront of algae photobioreactor technology. Lgem continuously works on providing the best and most reliable scalable platform for growing all types of microalgae.

ROM InWest's investment

Bas Swildens, CEO of Lgem | Synalgae: "This share issue with ROM InWest and Navus Ventures marks a milestone in Lgem's journey. It is a strong endorsement of our ambitions, taking industrial algae cultivation to the next level."

ROM InWest's investment, from its SME fund, signals to Lgem's technological advancements and market potential. This partnership is expected to open new areas for global market penetration.

Janet Nieboer, CEO of ROM InWest: "Through their technological solutions and knowledge of algae cultivation, Lgem is uniquely positioned to make the global food supply, aquaculture, animal nutrition, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries healthier and more sustainable quickly and on a large scale."

Navus Ventures continued support

The increase in investment from Navus Ventures, underscores a mutual commitment to accelerating Lgem’s growth in a long term collaboration.

Jaap Zijlstra, Investment Manager at Navus Ventures: “Since we partnered with Lgem a year ago we have seen solid execution and commercial traction taking off, therefore we are increasing our investment in Lgem as a reflection of our confidence in their technology and strategic direction."
Lgem attracts investment from Navus Ventures to scale its micro-algae technology solutions
Lgem attracts investment from Navus Ventures to scale its micro-algae technology solutions

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